Tongeren is so much more than the gateway to the beautiful Haspengouw, the "Tuscany of the North".

Haspengouw, one of the largest fruit regions in Europe.

Here we find castle landscapes with castles, religious monuments and marlstone caves that immerse you in the rich past. Roman ruins and medieval remnants.

Tongeren the first city in Belgium exudes history.

From the Roman and medieval city walls to the imposing Gothic basilica and the charming
beguinage, protected as UNESCO world heritage.

De Tongerse history reads like an adventure story.

In '54 BC the local tribes beat the Romans near Tongeren. One of the leaders is
Ambiorix, king of the Eburones. His joy is short-lived. The legions are revenge-hungry
back and fetch mercilessly. The Eburones are virtually exterminated. Ambiorix escapes and
disappears. Until he suddenly appeared in 1866 on the Grote Markt in Tongeren .... As a statue.

At the beginning of the 2 nd century AD, the Romans started with the construction of the ramparts
the city. The wall is six meters high, two meters thick and 4544 meters long, longer than that of
leading Roman city of Cologne. The wall has crumbled over the centuries.

From the 11th century, Tongeren has had an economic revival. Trade districts and crafts
shoot from the ground. From the 13th century onwards, a new wall will be added, partly the route
from his Roman predecessor. Towers and entrance gates protect the city against
intruders. Monasteries, churches and a beguinage embellish the inner city. Until a big fire in 1677
virtually the whole center in the ashes.

Tongeren only manages to overcome this blow. Only in 1830 (the founding of Belgium) follows
a new revival. Today, Tongeren is again the bustling place of yesteryear. Where the spirit of
the Romans and the economic zeal of the medieval guilds merge into a fascinating and
cozy city with all modern comfort.

The most famous inhabitant of Tongeren is undoubtedly Ambiorix.

Now the city stimulates with its modern spirit. Buyers find their taste in the cozy shops
van Tongeren. Burgundians sip from a local Amburon beer on the moody terraces at the
Large market. Gourmets can pamper themselves gastronomically in one of the stylish restaurants.
Tongeren bustles even on Sundays. With the largest antiques and brocante market in the Benelux. Or the
monthly shopping Sundays when all stores open their doors wide and there are plenty of them
activities for the whole family.

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