Places of interest

Antique-brocante market:

For 30 years now, every Sunday morning in Tongeren, the largest antique brocant market in the Benelux takes place. With this, Tongeren attracts visitors from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Great Britain and even the United States.

Sunday shopping:

Every first Sunday of the month you can shop in Tongeren. The shops open their doors from 13h to 17h.

The Velinx :

Is the cultural center of Tongeren. There is always something to do, from theater performances to concerts and from exhibitions to lectures.

Gallo-Roman Museum:

The museum is one of Tongeren's top attractions. This museum houses a permanent exhibition that tells the story of man from prehistoric times all the way to the Roman era. All this on the basis of realistic figures, educational films, etc. There are also regular temporary exhibitions.

Onze-Lieve Vrouwebasiliek and Teseum:

The teseum houses a complete exhibition of the Tongeren church treasure. This is one of the most precious and rich church treasures in the Low Countries. The building and finishing of the basilica took 300 years. Inside there is an abundance of treasures, culminating in the image of Our Lady of Tongeren completely carved from walnut.

Beguinage and beguinage museum:

The added value in Tongeren is the beguinage museum, where everything about the life and history of the beguines is presented.

Romanesque cloister:

The Romanesque cloister was built in the 12th century. About 100 years later it was rebuilt and enlarged. She is located on the east side of the basilica.

Pliny park:

The plinius park derives its name from more than 2000 years old Pliniusfontain, a healing source of Tongeren. Today this place has been transformed into a city park, where wonderful relaxation is never far away.

Nature reserve De kevie:

Southeast of Tongeren lies the nature reserve De Kevie, home to a valuable fauna and flora where lovers of hiking and cycling can go. The entrance is close to the center of Tongeren. From here a trip can be made where culture and nature are combined.

The Ambiorix:

The most famous inhabitant of tongeren is undoubtedly Ambiorix. The Eburon king gave the Roman army a defeat in 54 BC. On which Julius Caesar described the Belgians as the bravest of all Galliers.

The City Hall of Tongeren:

The town hall was built in classicist style and gives a nice picture of the Maasland style of construction from the 18th century. The building also received the nickname "The Praetorium"

Moerenpoort :

Tongeren has a military past. The Moerenpoort is a nice proof of this. It is the last city gate from the Middle Ages that still stands.

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